Tragic Mulatto have been called many things, including Butthole-esque rhythmic chaos. They were one of San Francisco’s oddest bands ever- and that’s saying something!!! Beloved by freaks around the world, Tragic Mulatto blazed a trail of awe and confusion through the 1980s. Drummer Bambi went on to rock the world with the Mudwimmin and Frightwig in the 1990s. Their glorious, spastic art-noise-punk gives us the rhythm of the tweaked, in stereo stereo stereo!

From Piero Scaruffi’s website:

“Tragic Mulatto debuted with the eight-song mini-album Judo For The Blind (1984), a pandemonium of spastic, minimal and primitive concepts, a colossal tribute to nonsense. Pared down to a quartet, Tragic Mulatto’s ridiculous circus concocted Locos Por El Sexo (1987), an artistic paradox that is the musical equivalent of a descent to hell, a relentless romp of indecent bacchanals led by Flatula Lee Roth’s saxophone and tuba and by her anthemic, Grace Slick-ian vocal phrasing. An eight-member outfit recorded Hot Man Pussy (1989), which expanded the palette to heavy-metal and ethnic music, while Roth launched into witchy spasms and blasphemous exorcisms. Even more psychedelic and exotic, Roth reveled in even more perverted and lugubrious shrieks on Chartreuse Toulouse (1990), their swan song.”


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  • v080 - Tragic Mulatto - "Chartreuse Toulouse"
    v080 - Tragic Mulatto - "Chartreuse Toulouse"

    v080 - Tragic Mulatto - "Chartreuse Toulouse"

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