The Ani Kyd Story, by Ani Kyd herself!

… So as the years went by I played with various Vancouver musicians, some of them legends Brian Goebel (The Subhumans, DOA), Jimmy Zigmand (Death Sentence), Taylor Little (The Payloas). Then I decided to take a break from my solo stuff and I started playing guitar for the God of metal, Thor. We toured, did videos and rocked the nation, and then formed Fuel Injected .45- that band ended after a couple of years of non-stop rocking!

I decided that to top my last band and write something from my heart and really catch my experiences into songs, I would have to put together the band of my dreams under my own name. I would ask two of my favorite musicians to play with me (No harm in asking, right?) To my surprise they both said yes. Gene Hoglan- the most unreal and wonderful drummer and man in the world- and Byron Stroud, the blond sexy Viking and incredibly solid bass player. The three of us started to rock together and I couldn’t be happier with the results, this was the band I always wanted.

I was ready to talk to Jello about doing a CD for AT, but there was one part missing: the other guitar player! Not just anyone would do, it had to be someone who saw things like me and was not a typical rock guitar player. Then one day out of the blue Byron ran into his old band mate Ian White, singer/guitar player for Caustic Thought, at a gig and a light went on in his head. The rest is the start of something magical: Ani Kyd the band! ROCK IT!


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    v334 - Ani Kyd - "Evil Needs Candy Too"

    v334 - Ani Kyd - "Evil Needs Candy Too"

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