The Heads, based in Bristol, belong to the space-rock school of extreme psychedelic rock founded by Hawkwind, but they also absorb the dadaistic elements of the Flaming Lips. Debuting with the single Quad (Rooster, 1993), the Heads spent a few years releasing only singles. Relaxing With (Cargo, 1996) collects the 1993-1995 singles (including the 11-minute “Coogan’s Bluff”) and a few new tracks that show a much harder style, a demented soup of Stooges, MC5 and Blue Cheer. After the album, the band released singles and full lengths on Man’s Ruin, Headhunter, Sweet Nothing, Rocket, and Invada. The new record, their 5th, has just been released in the US, Mexico, and Canada by Alternative Tentacles!


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    v365 - The Heads - "Under The Stress Of A Headlong Dive"

    v365 - The Heads - "Under The Stress Of A Headlong Dive"

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