Not even Ronald Reagan’s death could exterminate the tenacious 80s yuppie, who now seeks to exploit our precious punk heritage in the form of THE YUPPIE PRICKS from Austin, TX.

Core members boast an impressively depressing resume of professional qualifications including divorce law, stock trading, and running a pharmaceutical company. High 80s literature like Bright Lights, Big City and American Psycho gave us a glimpse of the decadent, narcissistic yuppie lifestyle, but Broker’s Banquet rubs our lower tax-bracket noses in mountains of cocaine and Wolfgang Puck pizzas.

THE YUPPIE PRICKS’ first album was an exclusive affair sold only on Wall Street and in country clubs: rumor has it that they bribed Biafra to release Broker’s Banquet to get street cred. Sonically speaking, these PRICKS probably had a crash course in punk rock by listening to the DKs “Give Me Convenience or Give Me Death” on CD as they drove around in their Range Rovers, then somehow got a whiff of the NEW BOMB TURKS and FLESHIES. Gordon Gecko immortalized the 80s “Greed is Good” philosophy and G. W. Bush applied his yuppie shenaniganism to the American Presidency, but it took THE YUPPIE PRICKS to collide this carnivorous mentality with punk.

Recommended for fans of the UPPER CRUST!