Brujeria History
Writen by: Juan Brujo
Translated by: Ciriaco Quezada

Holy Week 1988: News of the satanic-drug massacre in Matamoros, Mexico. December 31 of 1989: Two years had passed since the negative news from Matamoros and with no change of energy. So a group of friends, that believed in the same energy, gathered. There, we decided to send out a powerful energy to the entire world. We closed the day by celebrating the beginning of the last decade of the millennium using music!!!! Using the strongest music and the most potent spells, we invoked the energies of our roots and the war of change was born. The mark of this circle of anger is recognized with one word: Brujeria. In 1990 we recorded our first single, “Demoniaco”. The musicians were: Asesino-(Guitar), Guero Sin Fe-(Bass), Fantasma-(Drums), and I Juan Brujo-(Vocals). El Jr. Hozicon assisted in provideding us with our spiritual needs. Lu C. Fer helped us put together all the equipment needed for recording, (the equipment was returned to their owners after they were used). More or less. After recording we gave the master to Paco Gigante, as a gift, so he could make some 7″ inch vinyls. The first 500 vinyl’s were red vinyl with a black label. I remember the whole band signed 30 of the red records. The second record, “Machetazos” initiates: El Pinche Peach, and El Greñudo. It was recorded some time in 1991. On completion, this record was given as a gift to Jelatino Biafra. The record release party became legendary in the city where it was held. Our first CD was, “Matando Gueros”.This is when Hongo joins the circle. This record was given to the longhairs of Mexico in the song “Greñudos Locos”. The lyrics say: “Fucked-up longhairs, steal this record! Those who understand, learn” Based on the shit-load of boot-legged T-shirts and cassettes that I’ve seen all over the world (specially en “El Chopo” in Mexico), a lot of them did understand. On December 7, 1993 Pablo Escobar “El Patron”, was assassinated. Once again negative energy is released and once we gathered in mourning. The single, “El Patron”, was recorded in memory of our General, Pablo Escobar. Once again, this was given as a gift to Jelatino Biafra. Brujeria enters the realm of politics. In the following years after El Patron, I felt more than ever the negativity against my people. Our second CD was, “Raza Odiada”. This record was given to strengthen all the soldiers fighting for the rights of life. The Zapatistas in the south, the wetbacks in California, and the crazy longhairs from the streets of the world. In 1997: “Marijuana”. 1998 brings a new person to the family, El Niño. What is the method to his madness???

In 1999 – How do I look? I come out on the cover of a compilation called, “Spanglish 101” along with two new Brujeria songs: “Marcha De Odio” and “Don Quiote Marijuana”. This is when the youngest member enters the circle of Brujeria, El Marijuano Machete. These songs were given to Kool Arrow Records.

Holy week 2000 “Brujerizmo”. The third CD and the most powerful Brujeria. We will give you 13 new songs. Add three new members: Hongo Jr. (The Son of Hongo), I also invoke the female demon Pititis (The Concubine of Hell) and Cristo de Pisto (King of Mayhem).


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  • v113 - Brujeria - "¡Machetazos!"
    v113 - Brujeria - "¡Machetazos!"
    v113 - Brujeria - "¡Machetazos!"

    v113 - Brujeria - "¡Machetazos!"

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