Saturn’s Flea Collaris not just another band! They are the rootinest,tootinest, insecticide whiffin’, extra-terrestrial feline power trio to disinfect the fetid, festering “X Generation” music thang. Born outta the ashes of Victims Family, Larry and Ralf decided to hook up with some guy named Jason and mix up a musical concoction that stuns and amazes. Knowing that words cannot describe sounds, Alternative Tentacles will now attempt the impossible…

Saturn’s Flea Collar’s debut full-length, Monosyllabic, is an exotic melange of furry shorts, catch phrases, buzz words, tape loops, blistering volume, too many notes and way too many effects. before you know it, you’ll be singin’ along to these musical gems about everyday occurrences that never happen and jingles for products that don’t exist. Let’s just say SFC are like a flea bomb, stinkin’ up the house of rock (overrun with jangly, whining parasites on it’s furry hindquarters like a gnat on the back of the working class peoples – hallalooya brothers and sisters!). With songs like, “Don’t Fuck With The Guy Who Makes Your Food,” “The Gas Bill And Love,” it’s a straightedge psychedelic nightmare!

Take the weirdest Victims Family had to offer, puree, gently fold in a yolk, stretch to activate and voila! You’ve got an effective floor wax and a dessert topping in one! SFC truly deliver the goods for dissatisfied 21st-century lifestyle consumers! Saturn’s Flea Collar… now how much would you pay? Fifteen dollars? Twenty dollars? Wait! There’s more!

* Note: We regret to inform the general populace that the artists formerly known as Saturn’s Flea Collar have gone on to greener pastures. It is our duty to inform you as well, that Larry and Ralf started the Hellworms (on Alternative Tentacles), and then decided to re-launch Victim’s Family. What comes around, goes around, I guess!

See also Victim’s Family and the Hellworms. 

Press Quotes

Here’s what just some of the experts had to say:

“Well, the name is better than Her Majesty the Baby.” – Jello Biafra

“This isn’t another Zappa/Beefheart, hippie band is it?” – Greg Werckman

“You guys are tight!” – Some Guy Who walked Into The Studio By Accident