Dozens of recording sessions and hundreds of days babysitting behind them, sensitive nineties guys Scott Henderson and Andy Kerr return to the outside world with The Making Of Him, the second long player from Hissanol. Just as with their first offering on Alternative Tentacles, 4th and Back, Scott and Andy have managed to bridge the gap between their respective homes in Victoria and Amsterdam, sending each other musical bits and pieces through the mail, working under the absurd assumption it would all fit together somehow in the end. And guess what folks? It did! Hissanol once again manages to scoop up yesterdays musical leftovers out of the trash, toss them together, re-heat them and pass them off as tomorrow’s lunch time special. Low fat, but high in fiber, The Making Of Him contains fifteen different culinary experiences, each and every one guaranteed to leave its own unique taste in your mouth.

But what else have these two at home dads been up to these last couple of years? Scott, (here it comes) ex-Shovlhed, ex-Swell Prod, current Show Business Giant has been busy with his new band (that not so strangely also begins with the letter S), the Skinless Franks. Oh yeah, he also finds time to record the odd hundred band or two in his studio in Victoria, Sea of Shit. (There’s that S again….). Former long serving third of Nomeansno, guitarist Andy Kerr has been busy figuring out the Dutch and playing in a (how shall we put this…) cabaret-ish, country swinging, bluesy, math quizzing, dart throwing, tap dancing, vegetable binding beat trio she bang. Andy also put out his first solo album on tape, Once Bitten Twice Removed. He even managed to squeeze a couple of gigs in as guest artiste with his ex-bandmates, the Show Business Giants, when they were in the Netherlands at the end of last year. Suffice it to say, these two perennial penpals’ plates have been more than full.


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    v210 - Hissanol - "The Making Of Him"

    v210 - Hissanol - "The Making Of Him"

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    v160 - Hissanol - "4th And Back"

    v160 - Hissanol - "4th And Back"

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