OKAY, for the uninitiated, beginners, confused or curious, here’s a quick explanation:
Citizen Fish = 2 members of Subhumans + Jasper + Silas
Subhumans = 2 current members of Citizen Fish + 1 ex member + Bruce
2 members of Citizen Fish are in Culture Shock (Dick and Jasper)
Culture Shock contained One member of Subhumans + Bill, Nige and Paul (replaced by Jasper)
There yer go, simple innit? Clear as treacle!

“For 2 decades Citizen Fish has been touring the world: turning gatherings, benefits, and social gigs into an international never-ending weekend. These five dudes from the UK, Dick (vocals), Phil (guitar), Jasper (bass), Silas (drums) and recent arrival Matt [ex-King Prawn] on trombone have, along with Alex [uk] or Miguel and Jessica [usa] on trumpet/sax, created a blend of punk, ska, and straight up rock’n’roll that appeals to the sing-a-long music fans and even the “muso” musician types that typically dismiss punks as not being able to play their instruments. But it’s not so much the fact that these dudes are the most talented musicians in England, it’s what they say and how they say it.

In a fun loving, all inclusive way, Citizen Fish (and their previous outfits Culture Shock and the legendary Subhumans) have brought working class radical politics to generations of questioning minds. Leaving aside the typical screaming rants of boring political punk bands, the Fish offer a hopeful, danceable alternative. Whereas other bands have fans, admirers, and flavor-of-the-month teenyboppers hoarding to their concerts, Citizen Fish have established an open and always growing family. The idealistic unifying tone of Dick’s lyrics, coupled with the catchy driving riffs of the band, allow the Fish to appeal to a wide variety of folks. Touring with the Fish is more like a good family vacation than working as a cog in the ugly and never-ending corporate world of rock’n’roll promotions.

Everywhere the Fish goes, a bottle, a smoke, and a friendly conversation is sure to follow. Familiar dancing faces in every town, beers and vegetarian meals, and local activists filling the gig halls with information, ideas, and inspiration for positive change is what Citizen Fish are all about.”
Craig O’Hara Author, The Philosophy of Punk


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