Formed in 2000 as a band heavily influenced by Choking Victim, Skarp quickly steered their ship into heavier, more turbulent waters, trading the ska elements for blast beats. Skarp’s savage brand of grinding mayhem will strike a chord with fans of crust, grind, hardcore and even some of the more virulent strains of metal.

The members of Skarp (actually meaning sharp or keen, like the blade of a knife in Swedish, Norwegian, and Danish, or in English, scarp is the angle of a geological fault line) established the band’s presence in the underground Hardcore scene with their split EP with Human Error in 2001 (followed by an eponymous EP in early 2003). Skarp has toured heavily throughout the western US, as well as all over Canada. In 2004, while supporting of their debut full-length, “Bury Your Dead” the band gigged exhaustively throughout Europe for the first time as well, including shows with AT label-mates Leftover Crack.

Skarp came to the attention of AT’s overlord, the irrepressible Jello Biafra after they opened his shows with the Melvins on New Year’s 2004/2005 in Seattle. After thoroughly devastating the audience, Biafra knew that AT would be the only logical home for such a passionate and independent act.