Bringing their tales of drug crazed space travelers, grave robbers in love, and cosmic cannibals, COMETS ON FIRE are ready to initiate unsuspecting audiences into their lair of psychosis. Based in Santa Cruz, CA. this enigmatic group of space rockers consists of Noel Harmonson workin’ the Echoplex (a delay and echo device that dates back to the early days of rock), Ethan Miller distorting the guitar and vox, Ben Flashman on bass, Ben Chasny on guitar, and Utrillo Kushner assaulting the drums. COMETS ON FIRE’S first release was a limited edition, vinyl-only project followed by their second masterpiece, Field Recordings from the Sun. Their debut self-titled Alternative Tentacles release is their first full-length album, and contains all the magic from the rare first LP, with six additional bonus tracks.

COMETS ON FIRE deliver dark and damaged acid rock served in a crude and blown out speedball of BLUE CHEER, HIGH RISE, JAMES WILLIAMSON, and a shit-faced-drunk BRIAN ENO-era ROXY music. Methamphetamine and Schnapps drenched lullabies take it straight into the sonic shit storm, shifting from 4/4 power rock to imploding free form.

COMETS ON FIRE’S live shows often leave audiences with drunken hanging jaws, dazed and disoriented by the exhilaration of a joyful, near-violent intensity brought on by performance and connection between the audience and the band. Though ‘garage’, ‘low-fi’, ‘punk’ and ‘psychedelica’ are starting points for this band, the trappings of these genres are quickly eclipsed and transcended by the sheer unchecked bombast of the COMETS sound, and the raw energy and frenzy in which it is delivered. So hold onto your eardrums, and be a part of COMETS ON FIRE’S pure sonic destruction!


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    v301 - Comets On Fire - "Comets On Fire"

    v301 - Comets On Fire - "Comets On Fire"

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