Duh was formed back in 1990, before most of the bands involved in the “punk explosion” of the 90’s were born. They have released eight full length recordings, however The Unholy Handjob is only the second recording available in the U.S. This is the triumphant return after several years of religious missions and drug rehab.

The band features many interchangeable members who have accomplished musical acclaim in other music related ventures. Dean Menta is the guitarist in Faith No More. Chris Dodge owns and operates Slap-A-Ham Records and is an alumni of both Fat Wreck Chords and Alternative Tentacles Records. Chris also plays in Spazz and Bjorn Baby Bjorn. Sean is a stoner. Shitty is the drummer in Pansy Division. Greg is the brother of the former manager of Alternative Tentacles Records. Smelly was in Plainfield. And Bubba used to manage Allied Records label. The list goes on and on!

The Unholy Handjob was produced by Paul Barker (MinistryRevolting CocksLard etc., etc.) in Austin, Texas and Dean Menta at Pink Pyramid Studios in San Francisco. After an extensive bidding war the band settled on Jello Biafra’s Alternative Tentacles Records.

Although primarily spending time in foreign countries (where the kids like to rock), the band is famous for it’s electrifying and controversial live shows. Duh has influenced hundreds of bands from Ministry to SepulturaAlice Donut to the DidjitsFaith No More to Mr. BungleCranberries to Pink Floyd and so on.

Celebrate the legend that is Duh! Grab yourself an Unholy Handjob


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    v168 - Duh - "The Unholy Handjob"

    v168 - Duh - "The Unholy Handjob"

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