This California garage rock band is controversial in both the secular and the christian music scenes. Their outspoken rhetoric about kicking the money changers out of the temple- i.e. big-money fundamentalists who exploit The Good Word for great profits- has made many enemies in the Christian music scene. Their blunt spirituality rubs many secular fans, especially here in the underground, the wrong way.
In fact, we here at AT debated the wisdom of signing such an outspokenly fundamentalist religous band to the historically spiritually skeptical label owned by Jello Biafra. Other AT artists have strong spiritual beliefs, but none approach the stridency or literalism of the Knights’ beliefs. However, the Knights of the New Crusade’s stated objective is to take Christianity back from the powerful hypocrites who have hijacked it and to make Christian rock that actually rocks. Besides, Alternative Tentacles thrives on controversy, especially when it is as double-edged as the swords the band wields on stage.

Here is the band’s self-description, along with their favorite Books of the Bible:
“We don’t want to make a big deal about ourselves: Jesus is the only Superstar, rockers and other celebrities don’t count for anything! But since people ask, here’s everything you need to know:

John plays guitar like no one’s ever played it before. In fact, he plays it like he’s never even played it before! His favorite Gospel is Matthew and his favorite book of the OT is Ecclesiastes.

Mike1 “sings” and sometimes hits random keys on an organ if there’s one laying around. His favorite Gospel is Matthew, favorite OT book is Genesis.
Mike2 plays bass when he remembers to bring it. He also sings “Dangers of Dating,” the only ballad on the album. His favorite Gospel is John, his favorite OT book is Proverbs.

Lumpy plays drums for the Knights OTNC, replacing Zeke who left after the trauma of several days of incarceration on “Guatmo on the Hudson” after the Knights played an anti-war rally at the New York GOP convention. Lumpy’s favorite Gospel is Mark for the aspects of Jesus’ personality that it reveals. His favorite Old Testament book is Joel.”


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