PITCHSHIFTER arose from the early ’90s industrial underground, in Nottingham, UK as aggressive social commentators, hearkening back to the early days of British punk and American hardcore (a la the MINUTEMEN and DEAD KENNEDYS). Their reputation rapidly spread by word of mouth, as the band opened for everyone from FUGAZI to NAPALM DEATH. PITCHSHIFTER signed to Earache in 1992, and their first two releases, the mini-album Submit (1992) and the full-length Psensitised (1993), established them as mainstays on the scene. The popularity of the latter allowed them to spend two years on the road, stunning audiences with explosive performances that incorporated innovative slide shows. The Earache releases and the growing buzz about PITCHSHIFTER simultaneously found their way across the Atlantic, capturing the attention of American listeners.

While steadily building a loyal fan base, the band had rapidly earned the respect of musical colleagues. Pitchshifter Vs… The Remix Wars (1995) found fellow musicians flocking to remix versions of PITCHSHIFTER¹s original songs. In 1996, they morphed away from their industrial roots, placing an even heavier emphasis on electronics. With their Infotainment? album, the band sought to spread their message to the mainstream via technology. They even included free samples at the end of the CD- encouraging fans to manipulate the sounds themselves, to indulge their own musical flair.

On their most recent full-length, (MCA, 1998), PITCHSHIFTER seamlessly integrate a diversity of musical genres and techniques. “We discovered that we all like two things, breakbeats and punk,” explains bandmember JS Clayden. The band continues to experiment without sacrificing either their signature aggressive sound or an upfront political agenda. They recently donated a song to the AK Press benefit comp, Return Of The Read Menace. Songs from have won best video in 1998¹s Kerrang awards, cracked the top sixty on the UK charts, and earned the band spots on both the Ozzfest and Warped tours.

Alternative Tentacles is excited to kick off the year with a new 4-song release from PITCHSHIFTER. The title track, “UN-UK”, pokes fun at the Œol United Kingdom, set to a backdrop of spastic breakbeats, aggressive guitars, and scathing vocals. Also included is a remix of the song by Fuzz Townshend (Pop Will Eat Itself, Bentley Rythmn Ace), and a technofied (but no less brutal) cover of the Big Black classic “Kerosene.” Let PITCHSHIFTER ease your fears of technology and guide your ears into the new millennium.