The line of musicians waiting to work with Jad Fair goes around the block, but you can see the line move, which is a tribute to the prolific nature of the man. Teenage Fanclub is probably the purest pop act to get involved with Fair and the Glasgow natives contributed melodic intervention, but with a garage-like spontaneity to it. This is a refreshing and endearing partnership. They even got help from Katrina of the Pastels on a few tracks. “Words of Wisdom and Hope” is the culmination of Jad’s ambassadorship, proving no ocean’s too vast for his desire to concoct the most scrumptious tunes with fellow indie rock legends!

Always In My Heart / Let’s Celebrate is available as a 7″, featuring 2 new songs NOT on the “Words Of Wisdom And Hope” album!! Great Scottish-Yank pop with a rougher edge than Howdy but great stuff. Great lines about all the members of the Beatles even Pete Best!

These releases are on Geographic Records (Pastels label) (via Domino) in Europe!