Facepuller arrived on the punk rock, noisecore scene in March ’91 with their first 7″, Pull This, on their own True North label. It received many accolades from press and radio-types across the planet. The tracks from the now out of print Pull This 7″ were included on their first full-length, Cranial Expansion Device, released in 1992 on True North. In 1993 Facepuller hooked up with Bang On Records and their second brutal sonic offering, Auditory Surgical Technicians, was unleashed on the world.

Not counting the four compilations the band has contributed to (On the Downside, Jungle, Wade-Free Vancouver & Wade-Free Wherever) or the four snowboarding videos their songs have been included on (the NO EVIL trilogy & Sha-Drack, Me-Shack, A-Bed-Nigo), these Vancouver boys latest release Unauthorized Volume Dealers marks their fourth release (their 3rd full-length). Unauthorized Volume Dealers was recorded and mixed by Ken “HiWatt” Marshall at Mushroom Studios in Vancouver and showcases the bands powerful ability to mix controlled noise with abrasive guitar strangulations. Released three months earlier in Canada, it’s holding steady at number 5 on Canada’s National Chart even now.

Facepuller come to Alternative Tentacles Records via our friends at Bang-On Records. Unauthorized Volume Dealers is the first wide spread release this band has had outside Canada. So cherish and revel in the flying shrapnel guitar demolition that straddles the punk/metal/noise-core fence. There’s enough genre-mixing to satisfy metal-heads and punk rockers alike!

Facepuller‘s Brent, Ian and Brad have top-secret, covert jobs that don’t allow them to tour much outside of Canada, but there is a video for “Bored With Beauty,” directed/produced by Bill Morrison (Skinny PuppyGWAR).


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    v175 - Facepuller - "Unauthorized Volume Dealers"

    v175 - Facepuller - "Unauthorized Volume Dealers"

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