Free Beer was brewed in December of 1981. The band was the idea of a young Bay Area Brewmaster that mixed together the hops and ashes of two of the then youngest San Francisco punk bands on the underground scene in 1979/80. The Ingredients consisted of 3/5ths Revenge, 1/5th A.L.A. and 1/5th Innocent Bystander.

Sure, the band’s name was a brilliant way to drive traffic to their gigs, but more importantly, Free Beer’s onstage antics never fell short of delivering the goods, which made this band an integral part to San Francisco’s underground punk scene. Free Beer included teenaged skateboarder/musician brothers Tony and Tommy Guerrero who were just a part of the short list of founding fathers of a musical -&- cultural movement known as Skate-Rock. Punk Rockers that rode skateboards and played music because ‘Nothing else mattered.’

All of the band members, Mike Cassidy, Dan Magee and Steve Tatum were basically raised on a skateboard and it was the early punk movement and skateboarding that brought these guys together to eventually form Free Beer. The band quickly developed a following amongst its peers of skateboarders and punks.

From their powerful Instrumental anthem, “Pigs in Space” to the political sentiments of “Premature Enlistment,” and fun drunk rock party songs such as “I Hate Sobriety” and “We can do (Drink) as much as we want,” Free Beer has forever etched its mark in the foundation of skaterock history!


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    v252 - Various - "The Ecstasy Of The Agony"

    v252 - Various - "The Ecstasy Of The Agony"

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