Toiling in obscurity may be considered “hip” for some, or just another unfortunate aspect of the D.I.Y. ethic for others. In a world where mediocre music is packaged and gobbled up by the masses, there’s been little room for bands who have something meaningful to say. But we can thank our lucky stars for bands likeNomeansno,Fugazi,Bikini Killand a handful of others that still prove that it’s still cool to stand for something, to have opinions and dare you to think a little bit… god forbid! And with that, I step off my soapbox and give you … TheFixtures!
Originally formed in Indiana by Kevin Huddleson in the late ’80’s, theFixturesfound the Midwest wasn’t really embracing their hardcore punkiness and they soon left for the seemingly more accepting Southern California. Forging ahead, they played every dive bar and club whether it was punk-rock-approved or not. Not relying on a label to offer them a record deal, they self-released two full lengths, Dangerous Music in ’87 and Defect in ’91. With each release theFixturesincreased their fan base enough to try their hand at touring. Drummer/vocalist, Huddleson, claims that they “made the transition from unknown local band to relatively unknown touring band” quite easily! To date, they’ve played with all the punk rock stalwarts from theOffspringandSupersuckerstoLazy CowgirlsandSNFU.Always a fan of the band, Alternative Tentacles releases theFixtures3rd full length The Devil’s Playground in September 1996. For those who think labels aren’t just for cans, theFixtures, as described by Huddleson, “is stuck between a rock and a hardcore…It’s non-candyass protest music.” More specifically, theFixturesare all about giving something of themselves, being poignant without being preachy, and entertaining whoever will show up to listen. Since their album came out on AT, there have been a few more releases.


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    v187 - The Fixtures - "Devil's Playground"

    v187 - The Fixtures - "Devil's Playground"

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