The Edu-Core kings known as BlöödHag began in 1995 as a two-man recording project by established Sci-Fi authors Prof. J.B. Stratton and Dr. J.M. McNulty. They realized that punk rock and heavy metal fans were largely unaware of the literary themes and references that many of their favorite bands utilized, and that most rock youth had an anti-intellectual, anti-reading stance. They rushed into action, and using their limited musical skills and the drum machine known as Philthy “Drum Machine” Taylor, the first really short heavy metal songs about Science Fiction authors were put to four track.

Shortly thereafter, they decided the rock youth at large deserved to be taught their roots on a one-to-one level, and, recruiting award-winning author Sir Zachary Orgel on bass, proceeded to teach Seattle a thing or two. Soon, dozens were attending BlöödHag shows, and Washington state’s literacy rate skyrocketed. Books were flying, heads were banging, teeth were being kicked in but minds were expanding.

Unfortunately, it became clear that Philthy “Drum Machine” Taylor wasn’t with the lesson plan. His tardiness to several gigs and excessive drinking led to his replacement by Master Brent Carpenter, a shadowy figure, Cthulhu initiate, and former Ambassador to Scotland (Early 16th Century). With Brent added to the contents, BloodHag’s campaign for rock youth literacy was in full swing. Soon, the men of BlöödHag barely had time to pick the teeth out of their red low-top Converse before being summoned to teach another crowd how to read “The Metal Way”.

Which brings us up to the present: Gradually, BlöödHag is tearing down stinky rock clubs and vice-ridden taverns and erecting shiny libraries in their place. Crowds at BloodHag shows can expect to be pelted with classic Sci-Fi novels while their hearing is destroyed by the intellectually-intense attack that is uniquely Edu-Core. BloodHag tears up the stage in a freaked-out frenzy of activity, pausing only to elaborate on the personal histories and great works of the authors the songs are about. In around thirty minutes the show is over, and class is dismissed.


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    v357 - Blöödhag - "Hell Bent For Letters"

    v357 - Blöödhag - "Hell Bent For Letters"

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