Terry and Karen of former Alternative Tentacle Records’ band THRALL (Karen also former INSIDE OUT) bullied out some new songs from her new nest known as QUEEN BEE in 1999. Then they gave us a killer bonus track (that may have been from their own home-made CDR for us to put on our Ecstasy Of The Agony compilation, which is their best yet!

Rivetting pop driven through the garage with plenty of dirty guitar, hypnotic charm and pop smarts. Some journalists call them “aggresso-glam”, weıre not sure if we agree with that tag, but weıre sure that theyıll rock your world. Weıre also not sure if they are even around anymore. Karen dabbled in an electronic outfit for awhile as well. We’ll keep you posted


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    v223 - Queen Bee - "Fine / Smitten"

    v223 - Queen Bee - "Fine / Smitten"

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