Soothe your nerves with the sounds of CREEPS ON CANDY, a dirty but never sleazy four piece from Oakland CA, featuring Matt (vocals), Brian (bass), Joey (drums), and Rockey (guitar). Brian and Joey began playing music together just out of high school, while knee deep in other bands. They started and destroyed several projects in the early 90’s. These “project” bands mostly consisted of a few practices, a handful of songs, and then appearances at local shows where they pirated their way onto the bills. BONK, their first band/ joke, made last minute jumps onto a number of shows with larger bands, including MDC, TOXIC REASONS, NOMEANSNO and the ADOLESCENTS. For a very limited time, BONK served as house band at San Francisco’s long dead Crystal Pistol, though no one ever knew when they would play.

Subsequent similar projects included SPREAD FOR SATAN (whose main claim to fame was Gail from TRAGIC MULATTO on vocals for one practice) and JOSH HAPPY AND THE ASSHOLES (with Josh from BLACKFORK), which featured acoustic tributes to Sigourney Weaver. As far as other meaningless band name dropping… Joey played drums in the Bay Area¹s BLATZ, JACK ACID, FILTH, and is also currently in PENDULUM SWING. Brian played bass in SPECIAL FORCES, and currently moonlights in TALK IS POISON. At the end of ’92, after nabbing a singer and hooking up with Rockey (guitarist in Phoenix, Arizona’s critically acclaimed and largely unknown PLUG UGLIES), the boys formed DEAD AND GONE. In 1997, Alternative Tentacles released their full-length debut, God loves Everyone But You.

When Matt took over on vocals later that year, DEAD AND GONE was reincarnated as CREEPS ON CANDY. Lyrically, CREEPS ON CANDY songs are straightforward yet abstract, heartfelt while sarcastic, critical (of you?), and pleasantly selfmocking, loathsome, and irritating. Musically, the band is a more cohesive version of DEAD AND GONE. It’s abrasive, dissonance- fueled by bass driven rhythms, thundering drums, and distorted guitar. Their raw, moody sound is reminiscent of JESUS LlZARD, CHROME, STEEL POLE BATHTUB, DIE KRUEZEN, and LAUGHING HYENAS combine with a liberal dose of THE BIRTHDAY PARTY. Their Alternative Tentacles release, Wonders of Giardia provides instant and damaging aural gratification for punk and indie fans alike.


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    v252 - Various - "The Ecstasy Of The Agony"

    v252 - Various - "The Ecstasy Of The Agony"

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    v232 - Creeps On Candy - "Wonders Of Giardia"

    v232 - Creeps On Candy - "Wonders Of Giardia"

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