Listening to Dead And Gone is like huffing gasoline while driving 200 miles per hour on a single-lane highway in complete darkness. It’s Benny Goodman whacked out on crack. It’s the same old story: boy meets girl, boy loses girl; boy finds girl again only to get shot at point blank range after buying a wedding ring for his future bride. Don’t be fooled by the beautiful cover art adorning their Alternative Tentacles’ debut, God Loves Everyone But You. What waits inside for you is full-on dark, droning, brooding rage waiting to be unleashed on your speakers.

Formed in 1993, Dead And Gone emerged from the wreckage of East Bay legends FILTHJACK ACIDBLATZ (Lookout! Records) and SPECIAL FORCES (Boner Records). D.I.Y. to the core, they have completed half a dozen or so national tours they booked themselves, and even completed a successful tour of Europe and have more then 500 shows under their belt (most of them all-ages events).

As Gilman Street regulars, their philosophies and their approach to music is honest and earnest – reminiscent of Neurosis or Black Flag. This dedicated, no-bullshit work ethic to their music and their involvement in the scene has earned them many dedicated fans. Dead And Gone’s brand of dark angst is not for the weak of heart or the pop music fan. After releasing, God Loves Everyone But You the band seemed to close shop and open up a year later as Creeps On Candy with the same core members yet a different member huffing the microphone. Yet after releasing one album as Creeps On Candy – the amazing wonders of giardia, they decided to re-start Dead and Gone.

Members of this life-threatening quartet went on to form Talk Is Poison another one of the highlights of the current hardcore scene in the otherwise quiet and subdued Bay Area.


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    v252 - Various - "The Ecstasy Of The Agony"

    v252 - Various - "The Ecstasy Of The Agony"

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