The entity known as SANDRIDER, comprised of Nat Damm, Jesse Roberts and Jon Weisnewski, hereafter referred to as BAND, is declaring that BAND is releasing a 2 song single with ALTERNATIVE TENTACLES, a label that has continually championed underground music that BAND has been inspired by their whole lives. The single will contain two original songs, AVIARY and BALEEN. AVIARY looks at the online vitriol that has become an unfortunate part of our lives and ponders: “What if instead of raging at strangers on the internet, a person instead quietly drowned themselves in an isolated place?” BALEEN offers an uncontroversial opinion on whales: They are big and weird. After much work and consideration, BAND has declared the two songs sufficient for this release and in sound legal standing. Furthermore, BAND has gone on record saying that previous patrons of BAND’s music should find the content of this release “Good.”