Sonic assailants itchy-O introduce a new approach to aggressive relaxation with their NOISE BATH SERIES.

In a time where modern lives are increasingly mediated by algorithmic isolation, many yearn for a deeper connection to both others and themselves through music. Against this backdrop, Denver’s 57-member avant-ceremonialists provide a dark take on proven decompression techniques each Sunday at 6 p.m. MDT, beginning April 11th and running through May 16th.

This isn’t your typical guided meditation, however. The six-week sequence utilizes different brain-entrainment frequencies, stroboscopic visuals and structured breathwork to rest from the previous week and reset for the one ahead, all set to the cacophonic catharsis from the troupe’s Noise Division. 

Each 30-minute livestream session provides a different “theme,” syncing varying alpha, beta and theta frequencies in binaural, monaural and isochronic arrangement with various open-eye and closed eye visualizations. 

The result: An irreverent, accessible yet subversive, approach for those seeking a personal spiritual experience through sound and music, at any level of mediation experience, without the baggage or any general “ick”-factor of contemporary or antiquated dogma. 

Sessions are preceded by some step-by-step instructions from itchy-O’s Hanguessa, the disembodied virtual avatar-host who serves as both scene-setter and spiritual simulacrum.

Practice begins promptly for the General Public at the top of the hour with “doors” opening 5 minutes prior (5:55 p.m. MDT); Patreon supporters at the $6+ level gain access to pre- and post-session chat rooms that start 30 minutes prior and continue after. Itchy-O Patreon supporters also get access to other level-specific mind-blowing perks.

WARNING: This event series utilizes flashing lights along with pulsating frequencies and may not be safe for individuals with photosensitive epilepsy or other motion-related medical conditions. 


Sundays at 6 p.m., starting April 11
$15/session (a la carte)
$6+/month Patreon supporters gain series access
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With a driving drum-corps battery, taiko drummers and an arsenal of electronics, the 57-member art collective’s live performances invite audience members to join into an experience of radical, transcendental musical celebration through dance.  

They have also performed with David Byrne & St. Vincent’s band, shared the stage with experimental legends Devo, and anchored the world-renowned Dark Mofo Festival in Tasmania. Other performances include opening for Beats Antique, Melvins, and headlining Austin-based Fantastic Fest three years in a row.

Media praise for itchy-O includes:

“Denver electronic percussion collective Itchy-O appear from nowhere and stir the room into a cacophonous, demonic riot – then disappear just as suddenly.”
-TimeOut Melbourne

“Itchy-O… sounds like Blue Man Group if it were infiltrated by satanists and members of Sepultura.”
-Chicago Tribune

“(They) tore down the third wall -- and the fourth, and the fifth -- in an all-enveloping performance that aimed to elevate the conscious mind. Think 21st-century drum circle, where cyborg bulls are slaughtered on the altar of Mystery Science Theater 3000.”
-SF Weekly 

“What the fuck just happened?... Denver’s itchy-O is the future of showmanship — or at least what it should be. There’s truly nothing like the crowd involvement that the group provides, basking in originality and a refusal to abide by the norms of live music.”
-303 Magazine

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