In the latest episode of "What Would Jello Do?", Jello Biafra addresses Putin and the attack on Ukraine, and how he's mentioned this before....

What Would Jello Do? is a informal spoken word series on the Alternative Tentacles Records YouTube.


We Created Putin

by Jello Biafra & The Guantanamo School of Medicine
World War I - We won!
But did we bother to win the peace?
Make 'em suffer!
Let ‘em starve!
Led direct to the Nazis
After World War II, we learned
Rebuilt Germany and Japan
But when the Soviet Union fell
Where was our Marshall plan?
Ho Ho Ho Ho Ho Ho Ho Ho
Ho Ho Ho Ho Ho Ho Ho Ho
We created Putin
We created Putin
We created Putin
Real James Bond villain
We lost!
See him prancing,
half naked On his horse
Side saddle, the blushing bride
Clings with those little hands
Stared into his eyes,
We saw his soul
He saw how dumb our leaders are
We’ll hack and ruin everything we want
Till your democracy’s a joke
Like ours
Ho Ho Ho Ho Ho Ho Ho Ho
Ho Ho Ho Ho Ho Ho Ho Ho
We created Putin
We created Putin
We created Putin
Capitalism has failed
Mob corruption everywhere
Not true Comrade, can’t you see
It’s working perfectly Trumpski…

Oh Trumpski! We laugh
Watching you wish you were me
World’s richest gangster
(And you’re from Queens)
And I don’t have to hide behind
The most ridiculous hairdo ever
But remember - We have a pact
You borrow billions from Russian banks
No bankruptcies, you pay us back
And do everything we say
Or it’s my penthouse in Putin Tower
Change the locks at Mara Lago
You’ll only stare through the glass
As my “best hookers in the world” run wild
And anytime, anywhere
Gorging cheeseburgers in your bed
My agents will poison you
And poison Ivanka too
We’re more like Russia every day
Oligarchs steal everything
Crime families like Kushner and Trumps
To Koch-head, Zucker
Google and Bezos chumps
Loot the country, Loot the banks
Cook up another ’08 crash
Barack and Biden chickened
No one went to jail
Kleptocracy’s too big to fail
We created Putin!