Greetings fellow Tentacles, 

As you know by now the recent measures that California has taken to slow the spread of Coronavirus has resulted in a “Shelter In Place” order for the foreseeable future. In the interest in obeying this order and doing everything we can for the safety of our staff, Alternative Tentacles will be operating on a limited basis for the time being. We will continue to take orders and honor sales, but the shipping of orders will take longer with our limited staff present. Once the order is lifted and we return to full staff, shipping will resume its normal schedule and we will make sure all orders made during this time are immediately filled.  

We appreciate your patience and understanding in this time. We encourage you to explore our website and get to know our discography, our artists, and our podcast “The Alternative Tentacles bATcast”. Please head over to YouTube to see the content on our Alternative Tentacles video channel, including the ongoing spoken word series by Jello Biafra, “What Would Jello Do?”. You can stream any of our artists on digital platforms, and if you are a Spotify listener you can hear a curated playlist here.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. 

Stay safe and continue to torment the stupid (just don’t be stupid).  

Alternative Tentacles