Welcome to the new alternativetentacles.com

Hey there!
If you are reading this, Congratulations! You have just happened upon the "Soft-Launch" of the new Alternative Tentacles website. That's right! After 16 years, we are finally updating ourselves properly. It was high time to join the rest of the world and leave 1999 web design behind.
So what does "Soft-Launch" mean?
It means that while we have launched the website, it's not really finished and we aren't "announcing" the new site quite yet. As you poke around you'll find lots of spots where things are still being finalized. As it was, the server our old site was on was being terminated, and we weren't willing to pay extra to keep it going on a new server. So our new site has launched a tad earlier then planned.
However we invite you to poke around and enjoy the new site! Just be patient with us as we finish it up. Literally every single day we will be adding and correcting things up until we finally announce the "Hard-Launch" and invite everyone in!
As of this writing, we are:
  • Still attaching album links to each Artist page so it's easier to buy the album you are looking for when you want it!
  • Adding the correct release years/notes to the complete Alternative Tentacles Discography
  • Uploading all the bATcasts episodes to the new server
  • Jello Biafra himself, is going through all band and album descriptions to make sure they are accurate and correct
    (yes, he's really doing this)
  • Uploading our full Online Store Inventory
It's a lot! As I said, each day we'll be adding content and making corrections, so your patience with us is MUCH appreciated. This label has been around since 1979, so you can imagine the amount of data we are trying to update and bring over. However our new Online Store is up and running, so feel free to check it out. If you see anything you know needs correcting, feel free to let us know by emailing us at: press@alternativetentacles.com!
Remember, just because you don't see the album linked properly in the Artists section, doesn't mean that it's not in our Online Store. Check there for what you want first!
We also encourage you to sign up on our Mailing List so you can get the latest details about upcoming releases, tours, sales, and additions to the website!
This entire site has been created to make it easier for you to discover more about Alternative Tentacles, our artists, our mission, and get the music you want when you want it. It's the culmination of years of hard work by so many people. We are very excited about it and we hope you enjoy it as much as we do. Thank you again for being patient with us.
Much more to come!
Alternative Tentacles Records