Alternative TentacleFest individual nights are on sale now!


3 nights of music kick off on Thursday, April 18th at Thee Stork Club in Oakland, CA with REDSHIFT (The incredible Surf Punk band from Vic Bondi), MOMS WITH BANGS (Epic Psych-punk-surf band from Novato, CA), BUILD THEM TO BREAK (San Francisco Punk Rock from AT staffer Chris Shearer), and MIDDLE-AGED QUEERS (Bay Area all-stars making Punk Rock Queer again)! Hosted by JELLO BIAFRA this is an explosive kick off to the revamped TentacleFest that is not to be missed! Posters by Super Beast Designs!

Get your tickets to Thursday, April 18th:

Or get the $50 3 day pass to see all three nights: