Alternative Tentacles Records is beyond excited to welcome REDSHIFT to the AT roster with the announcement of the pre-order for their incredible new 7", "The Great Wall b/w Reed Mullin"!
Emerging from Seattle’s underground, Redshift carves their own path defying conventions with their unique brand of dark surf-punk.
Led by hardcore scene veteran Vic Bondi (Articles of Faith, Alloy, Report Suspicious Activity, Dead Ending), the band delivers unwavering intensity through Vic’s commanding vocals and searing guitar work. Bassist Mike Catts brings jazz and R&B influences, while drummer Adam Gross provides depth and drive.
During the pandemic in 2020, Redshift wasted no time releasing their debut EP “Stay at Home Orders”. It was followed-up by “Warning Flag” and the single “Mussolini Necktie” which garnered attention and helped to pave the way for their debut album, “Worst Timeline Possible,” released in 2022. Since then, they’ve played numerous shows across the Northwest, including a notable performance at the Punk Rock Bowling Music Festival in Las Vegas in 2023. With their latest release, “Chaos as Planned,” recorded and mixed by J. Robbins, Redshift continues to push boundaries.

Especially on this, their Alternative Tentacles debut 7", "The Great Wall b/w Reed Mullin". Available on both wide release black and limited edition Turquoise vinyl, this is a must have for any record collection! 
Interested in hearing more? Take a listen to their bandcamp page to hear the Surf band for the apocalypse - punk & politics - on a waxed board.

Members of the VIRUS 7" Club and the Patreon at TENTACLE & PLAGUE tiers will automatically get a copy of the Turquoise vinyl 7" if you sign up this month.