In the spring of 2022 musician and staff member of Alternative Tentacles, Dominic Davi suffered a major stroke while on a Northern California beach.
We at Renegade Roundtable and Alternative Tentacles want to present a special short segment of the larger episode where Jello Biafra and Dominic discuss the warnings signs of a stroke, so you can be prepared in case it happens to you or someone near you.
The original episode aired on 12/09/2022, and can be streamed anywhere you listen to podcasts. You can see the full video episode by becoming a member of the Alternative Tentacles Patreon.
In the full episode you can hear about musician and illustrator Dominic Davi and his work as bassist for the bands Tsunami Bomb and Loud Graves. What it's like working at Jello's long running independent record label Alternative Tentacles Records and being the podcast host for 3 Gigs Podcast, Monster Candy, and the Alternative Tentacles Batcast. They talk about the origins of Tsunami Bomb and how both the band and Davi ended up at Alternative Tentacles as well of course about the stroke he suffered earlier that year, and how it's changed things for him moving forward.
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