It's here! The first single from The Darts' album Boomerang (2024 Alternative Tentacles Records) may seem, at first glance, like a keg party. But actually singer Nicole Laurenne wrote it while she was giving up alcohol, as a reminder to herself about all the things we tell ourselves as we pour another - and a reminder that sometimes maybe we should listen to our mothers.
Nicole Laurenne - songwriting, lead vocals, organ
Meliza Jackson - guitars
Christina Nunez - bass, backing vocals
Mary Rose Gonzales - drums, percussion
Audio production by Mark Rains, Station House Studio for Alternative Tentacles Records. Mastering by Anne-Marie Suernam. Video production by Matt Eskew, Generation X-Ray. Filmed at Slim's Last Chance (Seattle WA), Freakout Fest 2023 (Seattle WA), and The Paramount (Los Angeles).
Nicole Laurenne (BMI)
(c) 2024 All rights reserved.

V1 get me on the next plane
so I can go in circles
way above the tree line
away from all the jerk-offs
i know I drink the kool-aid
quote too many movies
force the definitions
every swallow redefines me
C pour another
pour another
you are not my mother
pour another
V2 gonna need a rocket
to blast through all the bullshit
surrounds us like a blanket
smothers all the thinking
i weaken to the admen
sing with all the jingles
walk florescent aisles
selecting my addictions
B need a little help in the afternoon
a little help walking into the room
gotta calm the anxiety
makes me think you listen to me
better in a daze
better in a haze
with something in my hand
i don’t get phased
makes them pretty
makes them funny
makes them sexy
makes them love me