Finally, back on vinyl after almost 20 years!!! Last Scream of The Missing Neighbors is the album-length result of Jello Biafra’s collaboration with long-time associates D.O.A. for the super soundtrack of the 1990 dystopian comedy film, Terminal City Ricochet

Long unavailable on vinyl, there were several failed attempts to digitally re-master the album until the original all analog masters by George Horn and Jello Biafra were rediscovered! Using the original mothers, the album sounds as fierce and amazing as ever! Backed by D.O.A. in their 80s incarnation mixing punk and thrash metal, with Biafra giving some of his most furious vocal performances of all time. The entire album is for those who gravitate towards the heavier side of Biafra, like his work with LARD and Jelvins; just listen to the epic “Full Metal Jackoff,” a furious 14-minute song that touches on then-relevant topics such as Willie Horton, the Iran-Contra Affair, Oliver North, the crack epidemic, and make for an unforgettable album. said of the album in 2017, “At the time of the release, Last Scream may have seemed to be pushing real issues into the absurd and maybe it seemed like it was jumping at shadows. But, now it becomes clear that these tales were all too real.”

 Some have said that this is the best post-Dead Kennedys album Biafa has ever made. Trouser Press Magazine praised the album, saying that “…Last Scream proudly re-hoists the DK flag in all but name.” Now you can experience it for yourself with the original vinyl master, the way it should be heard! 

This item is a pre-order and will be going for 1 month with 2 months for production. We will be giving updates as both pre-order and production progress along the way and once shipping has begun. "Last Scream of The Missing Neighbors" is set to ship in February 2024.

The colorways are limited as follows for the pre-order:

Artist Edition: Split (Yellow/Black) - 500 units $30 

Record Store Edition: Solid Yellow - Only 500 units available for pre-order *Final Quantity To Be Determined* $28

Wide Release Edition: Black - Unlimited - $25