For those of you in the SPREAD THE VIRUS 7" CLUB, we have an update!
OK let's review what you have received so far:
1. DFMK "Dame Peligro"
2. Jucifer "S/T"
3. Nomeansno "Dad/Revenge"
4. Wheelchair Sports Camp "Yess I'm A Mess"
5. Kulture Shock "King/Country Mohammed"
6. Sandrider "Aviary/Baleen"

Now next 7" that is being sent out to all members this next week:
7. Redshift "The Great Wall/Reed Mullin"

For those paying attention, you will note we have announced what is currently in production and you will be sent as soon as they arrive in warehouse: 

8. Jello Biafra & Mojo Nixon "Will The Fetus Be Aborted?"

9. Tumor Circus "Meathook Up My Rectum"

10. Brujeria "Machetazos"
That leaves two more to be announced!

The next one will be announced soon, and what the last one will be depends on which 7"s being prepared now get into production first. I can say that it's one of 4 possiblities, two classics and two new releases. It will be a good one, no matter what that much we promise.
That will wrap up and end the SPREAD THE VIRUS 7" CLUB. We are getting close! Thank you for your patience as we have had to navigate through all this. It's been a journey but we are thrilled to be back on track with so many records in production.
Moving forward the Patreon is a much easier way for us to track and keep things straight. So if you have held back signing up to that, we hope you will consider moving over and joining the Patreon moving forward after we wrap up the Club.