Tsunami Bomb has released a new video for their cover of the Oingo Boingo classic, “Dead Man’s Party.” Edited by the band’s guitarist, Andy Pohl, the video is made up of crowdsourced footage that has been taken over the four years at Gainesville, Florida's music festival, THE FEST.

Speaking about the video, Andy says:

“We wanted it to be presented as kind of a love letter to FEST. Tony, the entire crew, and the people that attend have been SO incredibly welcoming and generous to us in the years that we have performed there. We love going there and hope to continue to make it a regular occurrence. We always have a blast there.  And we felt that the song worked well considering that FEST always happens around Halloween.”

The band is currently recording new songs that will be coming out in 2024, and will be traveling to the UK and Europe for tour this Spring.

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