ITCHY-O is back with their most incredible release yet, and you can hear it now! "Sypherlot/Hallowmass 2020" is now available for digital streaming on all platforms. Hear it on Bandcamp, Spotify, Apple Music, and more!
For those of you who can't wait to hold the album in your hot little hands, never fear! The new album will be in stores EVERYWHERE on Friday, November 19th! Though if you are reading this, you don't need to wait! Order ITCHY-O "Sypherlot/Hallowmass 2020" now and we'll ship it early! Order now!
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The 57-member neural necromancers ITCHY-O have returned to unleash "Sypherlot/Hallowmass 2020", a double-live album recorded during the chaos collective’s groundbreaking 2020 drive-in concert series.

It was against this backdrop of isolation and suspended reality that ITCHY-O heeded the call for a radical evolution in shared catharsis and new sonic experiments: Short-band radio broadcast turned each car interior into a private listening experience for a post-apocalyptic simulation, while roving bands of mysterious beings opened a temporary escape portal with contactless chaos, engulfing each and every vehicle in rite and ritual for the ages.

As the blaring car horns attested, these incredible live performances delivered a needed spirit-lift in the absence of concerts as we knew them amidst shuttered music venues, lighting a proverbial – and literal – torch during one of the darkest moments of modern history.

SYPHERLOT : AUG 2020 (A + B sides)

Set in an expansive parking lot at Denver’s Mission Ballroom, SYPHERLOT exploded to life during a time when any/all live music had been sequestered to digital platforms.  ITCHY-O blew collective minds and blanketed attendees in a cloak of fire, noise, and rhythm, eviscerating old (and new) ideas of entertainment, rewriting the book on what could be achieved at a socially distanced drive-in performance.

HALLOWMASS : OCT 2020 (C + D sides)

This series of spectacle and offertory shook the now-demolished New Tech Machinery building to its foundation during this most hallowed time of year. As ITCHY-O’s tradition entered its sixth year, artifacts, momentos, and representations were collected on trays from attendee vehicles and later burned in an after-ceremony to honor impermanence and the loss felt so heavily in 2020.

“SYPHERLOT/HALLOWMASS 2020” serves as documentation to a fantastical escape from the unrelenting barrage of humanity besieged by a global pandemic and is a must have for any record collection.