The cinematic psychedelic rock band SPINDRIFT (who signed with Alternative Tentacles Records this last year) is proud to announce the release of the feature rockumentary SPINDRIFT'S HAUNTED WEST, which is being distributed by LIONSGATE Entertainment and Indican Pictures.



 The film follows the band on a surrealistic odyssey across the historic American West through ghost towns, cursed landscapes, landmarks of Western lore and the pervasive eccentricity of what it has all become.  Sometimes unsuspecting and hard-worn audiences are treated to SPINDRIFT’s unique brand of psychedelic spaghetti western Americana, but mostly the band performs only for this tour’s intended audience; the spirits, devils and ghost riders that haunt this iconic territory.  
Directed by anarcho-cinema provocateur BURKE ROBERTS, this visual concept album is a kaleidoscopic journey akin to the classic music docs PINK FLOYD: LIVE AT POMPEII, Led Zeppelin's THE SONG REMAINS THE SAME and The Who's THE KIDS ARE ALRIGHT with cinematic nods to Sergio Leone, Sam Peckinpah, Stan Brakhage, and Ken Russell.  Not to mention having a tiny, albeit conspicuous, dash of THIS IS SPINAL TAP.  
SPINDRIFT's lineup on this Ghost Town Tour through Western America includes lead singer/lead guitarist and permanent fixture, Kirpatrick Thomas; Henry Evans on double-neck bass and vocals, James Acton on autoharp, vocals, drums and percussion and Sasha Vallely on vocals, organ and flute.  
The film features a special appearance by legendary Dead Kennedys singer Jello Biafra.  The band is set to release its next album Classic Soundtracks Vol.3 with his label, Alternative Tentacles Records with Biafra as producer. 
Produced by Thomas, Roberts, Roger M. Mayer, J.T. Gurzi, Robert J. Thomas and Vallely. Edited by Roberts, Noel Lawrence, Corey Brandenstein and Jacob Mendel.  Cinematography by Gurzi, Rich Ragsdale, Roberts, and Brandenstein with 5.0 Surround Sound mix by Riley Bray. 
Available now on multiple VOD platforms including Amazon, iTunes, Spectrum, DirecTV, Dish and many others.