Alternative Tentacles Records is proud to announce that lost Vancouver, Canada grunge heavies, SPANK MACHINE are finally unleashed from the vault after 30 years!
In 1993 best friends, Gerry-Jenn Wilson and Ani Kyd Wolf (known to AT fans from her solo releases and Fuel Injected .45) were two dynamic front women in the Vancouver punk, grunge music scene who decided to unite and create the female fronted explosion that would be known as SPANK MACHINE!  With Wilson and Kyd Wolf on guitar and vocals, James “JT” Brander on drums, and Jo Kyd on bass, SPANK MACHINE was a short lived but powerful band that left a lasting impression on the Vancouver scene. People would talk about the band’s music and tendency to feature a live Dominatrix as part of their stage show for years afterwards. 
Take a look at the official music video for "Cinderella On Ice" from the upcoming album "Spank You Very Much"

With 2023 marking the 30th anniversary of the previously unreleased album “Spank You Very Much” was recorded at Profile Studios, Alternative Tentacles Records has unlocked the vault and is bringing this album to the light for the world’s enjoyment on all digital platforms on Tuesday, August 15th. “Spank You Very Much” also serves as a tribute to Gerry-Jenn Wilson, who tragically lost her life in a house fire. This digital album is an honor to her memory, as she is greatly missed by us all. Rest in power our Spank sista!
SPANK MACHINE is recommended to anyone who loved the kickass Fem bands that rose out of the 90’s, such as The Breeders, Throwing Muses, and L7. However, one listen and you’ll see why SPANK MACHINE is in a league of their own.