Itchy-O has released a new video! "Saptaloka" is from their 2018 release, 'Mystic Spy | Psykho Dojo', a concept album exploring themes of trickery, espionage, and a parallel universe of deep psychic discipline! The album is available in our online store with their Alternative Tentacles Records releases 'Burn The Navigator' and 'From The Overflowing'!

Itchy-O is on tour this fall! Find details about their two-night Hallowmass performance and offertory in Denver, and the four date BRUMALIA 2019 outing to Albuquerque, NM, Jerome, AZ; Los Angeles, CA; and Berkeley, CA:

See them at the upcoming Tentacle Fest at Cornerstone to celebrate 40 years of Alternative Tentacles in Berekley, CA on November 23rd! Tickets on sale now!