It's finally here... after long last the brand new album by SPINDRIFT is in stores everywhere and streaming everywhere! Order your copy now!

To celebrate the band has released a brand new music video for the the album closer, "Slo-West"!


Directed by Vanessa Scholle
Edited by Seth Graves

“SLO-WEST” was originally meant for the feature film documentary “SPINDRIFT’s HAUNTED WEST” (originally released Jun 2020 through LIONSGATE /Indican Pictures) but was cut during editing. Special guest vocalist Marlena “Ukulena” Khramov provides sweltering soprano as guitars (with Bobby Bones guesting on guitar) twang over the fragmented hoots & hollers akin to Ennio Morricone & Alessandro Alessandroni classic Spaghetti Western compositions.
From Director Vanessa Scholle:
“SLO-WEST” shows us visions of moving westward, not just physically, but in changing mindsets and the issues the west faces right now in current days juxtaposed with the detriment that could come from it's desecration.
GUITARS: Kirpatrick Thomas, Bobby Bones
VOCALS: Marlena Khramov
DRUMS: Joe Zabielski
BASS: Riley Bray
Bells, Timpani, Backing Vocals: Kirpatrick Thomas
SPINDRIFT’s HAUNTED WEST is available on multiple VOD platforms including Amazon, iTunes, Spectrum, DirecTV, Dish and many others.