v370 - Jello Biafra - "In The Grip Of Official Treason"

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Artist Name: Jello Biafra
Album Title: In The Grip Of Official Treason
Virus #370
With Iraq gone to hell in a hand basket, Rome falling at home, and the so-called opposition Democrats "searching for a message" as they throw another election, it's high time for JELLO BIAFRA and his merry mouth to tip the cow and set the barn on fire. As always, JELLO whacks the moles wherever he finds them in spoken word extravaganza #8. Buried Iraq facts, vote fraud disease, the Arnold puetsch, the blue state/red state "values" myth, Paris in Abu Ghraib, Satanic Santas, a visit to New Orleans and the return of a strange geometry teacher are all part of the info-tainment stew. Other highlights of In the Grip of Official Treason include an expanded version of the MINISTRY song Ass Clown from their latest album Rio Grande Blood plus an all-new update of the Gulf War I primal scream classic Die for Oil, Sucker. Includes all new art by WINSTON SMITH. Live dates and more music shows with the MELVINS are planned around the album's release.