Scum Of Toytown

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SCUM OF TOYTOWN were a obscure phenomena of the 1990ies, rooted in the North London punk scene of the late 1970ies and 1980ies. They crawled out of the void and managed in their short existence to make a lasting impact on everyone fortunate enough to catch them either live or on record before they sunk into oblivion for unknown reason. They appeared on festivals and squats in central Europe and making everyone (seriously) move and dance along to their unique style of innovative sounding punk rock. Music that makes you toss a brick with a smile on your face.
They left us with their only legacy a 7“ and a genius LP....
... we're more than happy to have them back with their new album. They haven't lost it, not a single bit!
• Vinyl Includes DOWNLOAD Code.
• Available 1st edition on black vinyl