Tsunami Bomb - "The Definitive Act"

Tsunami Bomb - "The Definitive Act"

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Released on September 21, 2004 by Kung Fu Records, "The Definitive Act" is Tsunami Bomb's second full-length album. It marked a shift in the bands line-up and blended their punk rock roots with a more polished production and mature themes. It marked a move away from the darker more atmospheric tone of their previous albums, while still addressing the classic topics of identity, emotional turmoil, and the quest for self-improvement. 

This album marked the departure of one of the primary songwriters, founding bassist Dominic Davi and would be the final album before the band went on hiatus until 2019's "The Spine That Binds". It is the final album featuring vocalist Emily "Agent M" Whitehurst and guitarist Mike Griffen. 

Standout tracks are the intense and memorable "Dawn On A Funeral Day", the anthemic "Being Alright", the heavier "5150", and the driving rhythm and fierce lyrics of "My Machete". 

"The Definitive Act" is a landmark album in the band's discography, showcasing their growth as musicians and their ability to craft compelling, high energy songs. However it would become the band's farewell, as the band would continue to tour over the next year, releasing a live DVD along the way. Tsunami Bomb would finally disband in the fall of 2005, citing problems with the business end of the industry and too many member changes. They wouldn't reunite until 10 years later with a mixture of original and new members, later signing with Alternative Tentacles Records. 

"The Definitive Act" remains a fan favorite and a must have for any Tsunami Bomb fan.  Available on limited Marble vinyl.