Tsunami Bomb - "The Ultimate Escape"

Tsunami Bomb - "The Ultimate Escape"

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"The Ultimate Escape", released on September 3, 2002, through Kung Fu Records, is the highly acclaimed 2002 debut album by Tsunami Bomb. Originally hailing from Petaluma, CA and becoming known for their energetic sound and powerful live performances, this album solidified their place in the early 2000's punk scene. It captured the band's raw intensity and infectious melodies, making it a landmark release in their discography. 

Rolling Stone would later name "The Ultimate Escape" #31 on their Top 50 Pop-Punk Albums of all time, and it makes sense that they did. This album's combination of melodic hooks and punk rock grit garnered high praise at the time of it's release, and established Tsunami Bomb as a formidable force in punk at the time. 

"The Ultimate Escape" is a defining album and perfectly captures the band's essence at the height of the early 2000's. This debut full-length not only set the stage for the band's future success, but it left a lasting impact as a timeless piece that continues to resonate with each new wave of fans that discover Tsunami Bomb.

Available on limited edition GOLD vinyl from Cleopatra/Kung Fu Records.