v014 - Various - "Not So Quiet On The Western Front"

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Artist Name: Various
Album Title: Not So Quiet On The Western Front
Virus #14
Alternative Tentacles & MaximunRockNRoll Present The Reissue Of "Not So Quiet On The Western Front".
Deprogramming By 47 Northern California & Nevada Bands.
Released by Maximum Rock 'N Roll on Alternative Tentacles. Comes with a 48-page copy of Maximum Rock 'N Roll zine #0. The zine devotes one page to each band featured on this compilation. An A4 printed inner sheet & a download code for the entire album are also included. First vinyl (A/B) is housed in a printed inner sleeve while the second one (C/D) housed in a plain die-cut white sleeve.
© 1982 Alternative Tentacles.