v205 - Judi Bari - "Who Bombed Judi Bari?"

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Artist Name: Judi Bari
Album Title: Who Bombed Judi Bari?
Virus #205
Live from the redwood timber wars of Northern California... Judi Bari was a key rabble rouser in the battle to save the forests of the Pacific Northwest... Long-time supporter Jello Biafra talks about her on his I Blow Minds For A Living album. Hear the late Earth First! organizer and activist in her own powerful, provocative, and inspirational words. Find out why both King Timber and the F.B.I. wanted her kept quiet. Who did bomb Judi Bari? Ask the FBI.
JELLO BIAFRA : "Judi may be the most powerful public speaker I have ever seen. Her in-your-face charisma and enthusiasm made the impossible possible, doable and crucial enough to do right now. Her razor-sharp sense of humor cut through icebergs of bullshit on any and all sides.
She taught us how important it is to understand that there is more than one side. Her labor organizing background allowed her to see loggers and millworkers as potential allies, instead of dismissing them as ignorant rednecks.
Judi is far more than a local figure in a local battle, she was such an effective activist and dynamo of woman-power that it's easy to overlook that she was a great spoken-word artist.
I wanted to release this album, with her blessing, so that others could feel her energy and gain strength from her words and her spirit.
In an age of no heroes she is someone to respect and admire. I will always miss her."