v221 - Mumia Abu Jamal - "All Things Censored: Volume 1"

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Artist Name: Mumia Abu Jamal
Album Title: All Things Censored: Volume 1
Virus #221
Mumia is a prolific writer and author of two searing compilations of essays Live From Death Row (Addison Wesley & Avon) and Death Blossoms (Plough) for 16 years. Mumia has not only been fighting to stay alive, he has been waging a battle for the freedom to write and speak. In fact, this release was recorded by Prison Radio/Quixotejust days before all media interviews were banned.
Mumia's battle to be heard intensified when former senator Bob Dole and the National Fraternal Order of Police, forced National Public Radio to cancel and censor Mumia's commentaries on All Things Considered.
Journalist Mumia Abu-Jamal writes about racism, the death penalty, life on death row, and the corporate control of the media among other issues. He was a prominent writer and public radio journalist in Philadelphia at WUHY (now WHYY) prior to his incarceration.
Also featured on this CD are the voices Howard Zinn, Alice Walker, Dorothy Allison, Helen Prejean, Cornel West, Ron Hampton, Robbie Meeropol, Honorable Bruce Wright, Joycelyn Elders, William Kunstler, Manny Marable, Judi Bari, etc.
Abu-Jamal must be heard! - Alice Walker
The state would rather give me an Uzi than a microphone. - Mumia Abu-Jamal