v230 - Pachinko - "Splendor In The Ass II: Electric Boogaloo"

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Artist Name: Pachinko
Album Title: Splendor In The Ass II: Electric Boogaloo
Virus #230
A frightening beast has been lying dormant for some time in the seemingly placid mid-west region known as Madison, Wisconsin. Unable to keep its puerile and lecherous muscle quiet any longer, this grotesque monster, known as Pachinko, has come back from the dead to freak your shit out. Previously rearing its more-than-ugly head on several occasions like the Behind the Green Pachinko album, it's back and it has not been a good night's sleep.
Spewing out songs of hate and cynicism, Pachinko espouse the virtues and valor of break dancing gay trucker love. Pachinko have finally released their fully realized amateur porn soundtrack to match their fire-breathing live sicko-love fest. A sordid mix of the AmRep sound like Tar, Halo of Flies, etc.,. I mean c'mon, the band's main guy Brech had Killdozer play at his wedding! Like AC/DC, Skynyrd, and good ol' fashioned Black Flag, Pachinko has finally exposed what a truly filthy mind can produce -- a streamlined, clear, and all-together demented vision of pain and sickness. They've toured with a whole bunch of hip bands and stupid stuff like that, but who cares when Bruce Campbell (Evil Dead), said "If I were you, I wouldn't transport this album across state lines."
'Nuff said. Go get one. You'll never need to drink castor oil and raw eggs ever again.
Mean and unclean! - Critic
A cross between a handgun, a remote control and a good 40-ounce. - Another critic 
Thug-core at its finest. - 3rd critic