v259 - The Pattern - "Wet Circuit City"

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Artist Name: The Pattern
Album Title: Wet Circuit City
Virus #259
Picking up what's been laid down - 60's British r+b, early boogie blues, 80's hardcore and punk rock - and taking it someplace else. The Pattern don't emulate some past's style, they make the future.
"Wet Circuit City" consists of two star-burst blurts of Pattern energy. "Breakfast" is a punk boogie number replete with tambourines, maracas and back-up oohs. "Sunned Things Speak" is a rumbling brash song sung slippery, played with intensity. This is The Pattern's second seven inch single, after six months of playing to packed Bay Area clubs and parties. Their music explodes from some place south of the ironic Rawk Revival but north of Ex-Emo Exploration. The Pattern are five boys with something in mind and a checkered past that includes time in bands like THE PEECHEES, ST. JAMES INFIRMARY, TALK IS POISON, and NUISANCE.