v305 - The Phantom Limbs - "Displacement"

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Artist Name: The Phantom Limbs
Album Title: Displacement
Virus #305
Oakland's Phantom Limbs have returned with Displacement, the finest example yet of the quintet's blasphemous organ punk. Suggesting the Murder City Devils if they had listened to parlor music backwards or collaborated with famous Bay Area Satanist/organist Anton LaVey, the Phantom Limbs are as adept at scaring listeners as they are at rocking them.
Cascading keyboards, unnerving guitars, off-kilter rhythms, and the grotesque lyricism of THE PHANTOM LIMBS forge a grandiose monument on the verge of collapse like a gothic cathedral built on quicksand. Their unsettling ilk of carny death rock & punk draws comparisons to The Screamers and Christian Death or contemporaries like the Subtonix, but don't expect today's glut of punks-with-keyboards playing 80s redux! THE PHANTOM LIMBS have carved out a lonesome place for themselves, finding inspiration in Kurt Weill rather than Duran Duran & Culture Club.