v344 - Akimbo - "Forging Steel And Laying Stone"

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Artist Name: Akimbo
Album Title: Forging Steel And Laying Stone
Virus #344
Throughout their eight-year existence, AKIMBO has built layers upon layers to their fortress of rock, buttressed by a string of releases, culminating in their fifth album and Alternative Tentacles debut, Forging Steel and Laying Stone. AKIMBO, based in Seattle, features former members of the TIGHT BROS FROM WAY BACK WHEN (Kill Rock Stars) and HOMO ERADICUS (Rock and Role Play). Their pedigree of straight-up rock colliding with virile hardcore adds up to an exciting hybrid reminiscent of DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN, ZENI GEVA, JESUS LIZARD, MASTODON and fellow Northwesterners THE MELVINS. Forging Steel and Laying Stone is a twelve-song epic that not only justifies AKIMBO’s dominance over Northwest rock/hardcore, but also the expanding reach of their conquest. Like some rock-n-roll heathens intent on gathering cities and scenes under their rule, AKIMBO tours relentlessly, and with a solid album behind them, it shouldn’t be much longer ‘til their name is uttered with reverence tinged with fear.
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