v354 - Disaster Strikes - "Liberty Toast"

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Artist Name: Disaster Strikes
Album Title: Liberty Toast
Virus #354
Formed in 1999, DISASTER STRIKES has crafted its own unique brand of punk and hardcore inspired by the likes of ECONOCHRIST, DRI, AUS ROTTEN, CRASS and early ANTHRAX, while channeling the influence of their Boston predecessors SLAPSHOT, MISSION OF BURMA and THE PROLETARIAT. Singer J.R.'s life experience as a full-time union organizer infuses the lyrics (comparable to lyrics by JELLO BIAFRA or MDC) with truth and political edge that can't be bought at Hot Topic. For their Alternative Tentacles debut Liberty Toast, DISASTER STRIKES brought on underground sound sculptor and TODAY IS THE DAY frontman Steve Austin (CONVERGE, UNSANE), who bolsters the album with production that is neither stone cold nor bionic. DISASTER STRIKES' renown has grown continually with inclusion of members from Boston hardcore legends TREE, and their stints supporting such bands as BOY SETS FIRE, RATOS DE PORAO, THE CASUALTIES, TOXIC NARCOTIC and THE UNSEEN. Featuring a guest appearance by JELLO BIAFRA as well as artwork by AT partner-in-crime WINSTON SMITH, Liberty Toast is a quintessentially Alternative Tentacles release, a one-two punch of political awareness and punk backbone, from our ever-expanding arsenal of incendiary East Coast punk acts.